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Air Pollution, Lung Cancer, and Air Tamer

While we are now well aware of the issues that viruses have on our health, it is also important to continue to address the harmful effects of air pollution and declining air quality around the world. What exactly is it and why is it harmful to us? Simply put, air pollution is the contamination of […]


How To Stay Healthy On Your Next Trip Navigating Travel in 2022

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the last thing you need to know How To Stay Healthy while you’re away from home, especially if you’re traveling by air. Airplanes are the nearly perfect environment for getting sick, and a University of Alabama study found that some germs can stay up to seven days on […]


Cough-Variant and Nocturnal Asthma

What is Asthma Asthma is a chronic condition that many people suffer from. Currently there is no known cure but there are many ways to help control asthma. While these facts are relatively well known did you also know that there are several different types of asthma? FilterStream is committed to helping all of our […]


Spring Allergic Rhinitis: Symptoms and Treatments

Do you find yourself constantly sneezing or is your nose always running? If so, you may have Allergic Rhinitis. There are two types of allergic rhinitis: Seasonal and Perennial. Affecting 40 to 60 million Americans each year, allergic rhinitis is more commonly referred to as hay fever. Even though the common name is hay fever […]