The World’s Most Efficient Air Purifier

The AirTamer Ultra High Efficiency Air Purifier
Better performance. Better value. Better for the environment.

(Marblehead, Massachusetts . August 18, 2009) – FilterStream® is introducing a refreshing array of innovative room air purifiers that deliver higher air cleaning performance without breaking the bank. By achieving the highest air cleaning efficiency of any air purifier in the world (among air purifiers without ion generators), this new Air Tamer® line outcleans ordinary air purifiers while saving energy – and money!

The new Air Tamer® uses 6 state-of-the-art fans to move extra large volumes of air through high particle capture filters with less energy. On low, Air Tamer® only consumes a record breaking 5 watts of electricity (equivalent to just $4.38 per year of 24/7 use on low speed), yet on high speed is certified to clean a 20′ X 20′ room in just 12 minutes! “There is no other air purifier on the market of this type that achieves this much cleaning power from a watt of electricity”, says Troy Anderson, co-founder of FilterStream®.

World’s First Flexible Filter System

“Filter replacement for air purifier owners has never been easy.”, explains Anderson. “The right filter is usually too hard to find, and if you can find it, it is usually more expensive than it should be. The AirTamer® breaks the mold on this issue by including the world’s first “flexible filter system” which allows owners to use any brand of 16″ X 20″ filter (even furnace filters) for greater convenience and economy. So now, replacing your filter is as easy as going to your corner store.”

Germ-Odor-Virus Reduction Filtration

To combat Swine Flu and an expected worse than ever flu season, the AirTamer® Germ-Odor-Virus Protection Filter (included with the A710, optional with the A600 and A700) allows the AirTamer® to achieve a remarkable laboratory tested 74.5% reduction in viruses and a 22.5% reduction in mold IN JUST 2 HOURS!

Aroma System With Therapeutic Scents

The AirTamer® not only cleans the air, it also conditions the air with healthy scientifically proven aromas developed by world renowned aroma expert, Dr. Rachel Herz. Three aroma cartridges are included with each AirTamer® : Refreshing Orange – for uplifting daytime use; Energizing Grapefruit – for invigorating daytime use; and Relaxing Lavender – for relaxing nighttime use.

The new AirTamer® line consists of three models (A600, A700 and A710) which differ by the included air filter. The A600 contains one High Performance Electrostatic Pleated Filter (ideal for rooms up to 280 square feet); the A700 which contains one Ultra High Performance Pleated Filter (ideal for rooms up to 400 square feet); and the A710 (for professional markets) which contains one Ultra High Performance Pleated Filter and three Germ-Odor-Virus Protection Filters (ideal for rooms up to 400 square feet).

All three models have whisper quiet operation, flat panel thinness (less than 8″), zero ozone emission and come complete with five fan speeds, programmable timer and filter change indicator.

The AirTamer® line is Energy Star® rated and is certified by the American Home Appliance Manufacturers CADR program. Go to for the most up to date ratings of Clean Air Delivery Rate for all certified air purifiers.

The AirTamer® joins FilterStream’s® existing line of cleaning appliances which includes the AirTamer® Travel Air Purifier (A300), AirTamer Auto Air Purifier (A400) and our industry leading DirtTamer® Cordless Hand Vacuums (V2400 and V2510) which are available at retailers across America and around the world.

About FilterStream

FilterStream® is a leader in bringing innovative cleaning appliances to consumers in over 24 countries. We are dedicated to making our customer’s lives cleaner and healthier with creative solutions that combine superior quality with the very latest technology.

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