I bought the device directly from the manufacturer and I ll try to describe it according to my observations: 1. It looks very stylish. I think it s something you can almost proud of carrying(at least it doesn't look absurd). It does look like a different kind of genuine gadget even some kind of necklace on the neck. 2. While investigating for a portable ionizer i checked almost all the other brands. And when i decided to choose this one over others i contacted the company to make sure and they sent me the "ozone free" report of their device. I guess whoever wants to buy this can demand it from the company to feel more relaxed. Ozone level looks "0" ppm according to the certificate. Amazing. 3. I m just using it for 2 days so i ll give analysis about the efficiency of the device a few weeks later. But my first observation is I am happy of this purchase.
- mehmet akif, kilic arslan