I love, love, love my AirTamer 302! I have MS and the last two months of continuous pollen allergies left me with no voice or energy and really took a toll on my immune system.

I was constantly sneezing, coughing, had itchy eyes and throat and was just miserable. I am on prescription allergy medicine for seasonal asthma and also itchy eyes.

I could not go outside or even open the door without having an attack soon afterward. I saw an ad for the Air Tamer and read the reviews and thought what was the worst that could happen – nothing, I had everything to gain.

Less than an hour after hanging it around my neck, my breathing got easier and I felt like I could breathe down to my toes. I wear it every day. I have to be especially careful around people with colds or the flu, so my hope is that it can keep me safe this winter.

So far, I am extremely and happily impressed with this product. Yea AirTamer!
- Kitty W., Tucson, AZ