Keep Yourself Safe from Pollen Allergies with Air Purifier

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Ebola Outbreak Reminds Us Of The Importance Of Taking Preventive Measures

The World Health Organisation (WHO) called it as “a severe, often fatal illness in humans.” It has taken a causality of more than 700 people in West Africa. It has led to the closure of schools in Liberia. The latest virus that is making headlines and causing grave concern with its rapid spread is the […]

Second-hand smokers can ruin relationships

In our lives, we are surely to encounter someone who smokes a lot. And even if you would want them to stop smoking around you, they wouldn’t. Best they could do is probably go far away and smoke elsewhere. But not all of them are considerate. In fact some people get offended when you tell […]

Avoid Getting Sick By Preventing Airborne Diseases

As human civilization progress, so does diseases. And the scary part is, most of the time you would never know where these diseases come from. Unlike years ago where we can just go out there and not worry about getting sick. Now, we have to worry about all sort of diseases. From the common cold […]