People Accept Pollution As Part Of Life. Do You?

When living in a polluted area, people get used to it and accept pollution as part of their daily lives. And the only time they don’t ignore the pollution, is when they smell something bad.

People don’t mind the smoke and all those harmful materials they breathe in. But we really should think twice about the things they take for granted.

We do not need to go scientific explanation about some airborne diseases. But instead here are some examples of what we would normally see in a polluted city. Buildings that are turning all black, rubber materials that turn crispy, black clouds that produce acid rain.

I’m sure if you decide to leave something out there, within a week you’ll see some deterioration or lots of dirty. So, should we still take air pollution for granted? If we can’t do anything about our surroundings, should we allow this to our own body?

It is time to act and prevent getting sick especially this flu season.

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