How To Stay Healthy On Your Next Trip Navigating Travel in 2022

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the last thing you need to know How To Stay Healthy. While you’re away from home, especially if you’re traveling by air. Airplanes are the nearly perfect environment for getting sick. A University of Alabama study found that some germs can stay up to seven days on a plane.

Table of Content:

  1. Avoid Aisle Seats on Planes
  2. Rest up and Get Plenty of Sleep
  3. Stay Hydrated
  4. Eat Well and Take Your Vitamins
  5. Wear a Mask for Air Travel Experience
  6. Keep Your Hands (and distance) to Yourself
  7. Bring AirTamer Air purifier

    The recent spike in coronavirus cases and the upcoming cold and flu season. It’s especially important to take steps to minimize your risk of getting sick. Take these precautions before you jump on your next flight and it may make all the difference in helping you stay happy and healthy on your trip.

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

1. Avoid Aisle Seats on Planes

You may want to be more selective when it comes to booking your seat on a plane. Yes, you can get up easily. But not only will you get less rest when your neighbor makes you get up, but you also might be exposed to more germs. According to a 2008 investigation, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that passengers sitting in aisle seats of a plane were more likely to be exposed to an outbreak virus.

One likely reason is that people walking up and down the aisle — many coming back from the bathroom have a tendency to grab onto the top of the aisle seat for support, thereby potentially spreading germs.

Avoid Aisle Seats on Planes to keep healthy

2. Rest up and Get Plenty of Sleep

A 2015 study showed how critical sleep is when it comes to staying healthy, especially if you’re crossing time zones. As a disruption to a person’s circadian rhythm can compromise their immune system.

Try this: A week prior to your trip, gradually shift your bedtime and waking times to match or at least approach that of your destination. 

Rest up and Get Plenty of Sleep to keep healthy

3. Stay Hydrated

In dry air conditions or low humidity such as on an airplane. The moisture molecules in your throat, nose, and eyes are attracted to the dry air surrounding you which causes you to lose moisture regardless if it is a two or 12-hour flight.

The low humidity and air filtration system in flight really sucks the moisture out of your skin, your hair, and your entire body. This is why it’s so important to drink water and take extra care to keep your hydration levels up.

Stay Hydrated keep healthy

4. Eat Well and Take Your Vitamins

Many people underestimate the toll air travel can take on your body, particularly your digestive system. Luckily, choosing your pre-flight food options wisely can help your trip go more smoothly. Fruit, lean protein, and protein bars are great options to load up on prior to your flight.

Specifically look at tangerines, apples, and bananas which are cheap and easy to carry in a personal bag, and can also help regulate digestion during your travels.

Take Your Vitamins To Stay Healthy

5. Wear a Mask for the Duration of Your Air Travel Experience

While the mask mandate for US airlines was lifted in May 2022. there are still some international airlines requiring masks while traveling. If at all possible, leave your mask on for the duration of your flight and your time at the airport.

Not only will you prevent the (possible) transmission of COVID-19, but you will also keep the odds low that you contract any other cold or flu-like viruses. Wearing a portable air purifier for travel like AirTamer can also be a great alternative to mask-wearing.

6. Keep Your Hands (and distance) to Yourself

In addition to mask-wearing, we recommend that you take social distance precautions seriously. It can be difficult to keep a healthy, safe distance from other travelers (the recommendation is still 6+ feet between individuals), but try to separate whenever possible.

Airports are sometimes tricky due to dense lines and lots of travellers. But feel free to wait at a distance, stand at a distance, and even talk at a distance (to other travellers or airline staff) in order to abide by distance protocols.

7. Bring AirTamer

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