Airtamer® Ultra High Efficiency Air Purifier A710 Winner of 2010 Housewares Design Awards

  • May 06, 2019

    A310 Reviewed in India and featured on GlobalKart

    We're pleased to share that the AirTamer A310 is now available as a GlobalKart exclusive. Watch renowned tech guru Rajiv Makhani review the AirT...

  • Nov 23, 2015

    AirTamer A302 Personal Air Purifier

    Is your traveler always complaining about the sniffles, a stuffy nose, or scratchy throat? The AirTamer promises to help allergy-prone passengers e...

  • Sep 08, 2015

    AirTamer: Travel Illness Prevention

    Trazee Travel recommends the new AirTamer, a unique personal breathing space air filter for those on-the-go. T...

  • Sep 08, 2015

    Get comfortable on your flight

    The Globe and Mail Protect your neck, massage your legs and clear the air

  • Sep 08, 2015

    Air Tamer

    Home Based Travel Agent Read how Air Tamer creates a cleaner zone of air in planes and other places with poor air quality by pr...

  • Sep 08, 2015

    Personal Space – Air Tamer Travel Health Device

    Passport Online Read how the world's largest independent test laboratory has confirmed that this ionic device is exponentially ...

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