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Top 5 Best Wearable Personal Air Purifiers, 2020

“Best Choice! The AirTamer A302 is both lightweight and portable to ensure that you are comfortable with it at all times. And this unit can be used in more than way, you can either hang it around your neck, or you can clip it to your shirt. Or if you prefer, you can stand it next to your bed while you sleep or on your desk while you work.”

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“The travel-sized AirTamer won't kill the cooties on tray tables and seat backs, but its electrostatic purification powers will remove the contaminants from up to 439 cubit feet of air per hour. Without the assistance of a filter and without making any noise.”

Best Wearable Personal Air Purifiers for 2020

“With the AirTamer A302, you can breathe easily as up to 875% more pollutants are filtered through this nifty and intelligent gadget. That’s 9x as many as usual! By using negative ions rather than a replaceable filter, you can save money and wave goodbye to allergens, pollen, viruses, bacteria and much more from giving your sinuses a hard time.”

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“Everybody knows that planes, trains, and buses are loaded with germs. What can you do? Bring your antibacterial wipes and swap down your entire area? That is one way. That still won’t clean the air around you. Another way is to carry your own personal air purifier, the Air Tamer. Just put this lightweight and silent device around your neck turn it on and you’ll be breathing cleaner and healthier air instantly.”

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“Travel Buddy- With the flu season still in full-swing, give your lady the gift of protection while she is on the go. The AirTamer A315 is a personal, rechargeable air purifier that emits a constant stream of ions that force airborne pollutants away from your personal space. AirTamer’s electrostatic purification creates a 3-foot sphere of cleaner air around you, blocking out everything from viruses to pollen.”

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“Our nightmares center less around monsters and more around coughers on plane. The AirTamer A315, which sits comfortably around your neck, creates a field of fresh oxygen by pushing healthy negative ions that force airborne pollutants away. And with its 30-hour battery, the mighty machine can put up a fight for as long as the passenger in seat 11B sneezes.”

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“The travelin’ man deserves to have the air that he breathes to be as pure as his dreams, as clear as the open road that lay before him. If traveling on a plane or boat, same quality standard applies. This wearable tech has a sleek, light design, is rechargeable, and is smaller and lighter than previous models”

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“Wherever you go, the quality of the air you breathe no longer has to be compromised! With a constant stream of cleansing negative ions (which is a good thing), the AirTamer® Advanced A315 forces airborne pollutants away from your personal breathing space. You’re literally creating your own zone of cleaner, healthier air wherever you are.”

AirTamer A315: Can a Personal Air Purifier Help Prevent the Flu?, 2018

“You can be sure I won’t forget my AirTamer personal air purifier on my next trip, and I’m using it now hoping to keep new viruses at bay.”

Airtamer A315 Personal Air Purifier Review, 2018

“Last year, I was able to stay healthy after my visit to CES. Even though I eventually came down with bronchitis, I don’t believe that was caused by the event and I didn’t get anywhere near as sick as I did the year before. The AirTamer is a very hard product to test but in my personal opinion, I like the AirTamer and feel it’s worth trying when you know you’re going to be in close quarters with lots of other people.”

AirTamer A315, purificador de aire personal que ayuda a combatir alergias, 2018

“En cuanto a la comodidad de utilizar este dispositivo, casi ni se nota. Es muy liviano. ¿Mantenimiento? no hay que hacer nada, ni cambiar filtros, ni limpiarlo.”

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“AirTamer Personal Air Purifier – This device emits a constant stream of negative ions that force airborne pollutants away from your personal space, creating a zone of protection.”

AirTamer Personal Air Purifier Review, 2017

“Now as for field testing this tiny device, I wore it around my neck for several days. Unfortunately, I am typically in a mostly clean environment. I had trouble telling if the air around me seemed cleaner or not and I didn’t have any type of sensor to help determine air purity either. I did, however, have a cool mist humidifier/diffuser at my disposal. So, I found a glass container and put the AirTamer inside with it turned on. I let the humidifier fill it with water vapor. For about 15-20 seconds I was surprised to see all the vapor dissipate. As the vapor cloud would move closer to the brush end of the AirTamer, I would see it be pushed away from the device. As a control, I did the same experiment with no AirTamer and while there was less vapor present than what I put in the container, there was still more than the AirTamer container.”

AirTamer A310 Personal Air Purifier Review, 2017

“Clean water and clean air are essential for a long life. The AirTamer A310PMB personal air purifier creates a 3ft space of cleaner, healthier air that follows you around everywhere you go. The device is effective, lightweight and convenient to use. Silent operation and no filters to clean or replace and 150+ runtime with the rechargeable battery make this little added layer of sickness prevention handy.”