How Does AirTamer Work? With negative ions, of course!

Table of Content:

  1. Understanding How AirTamer Products Work
  2. What are Negative Ions?
  3. Negative Ions Have Positive Effects
  4. Do Negative ion Air Purifiers Work
  5. AirTamer’s Contribution to Clean Indoor Air

Have you ever wondered how AirTamer products work? Well, wonder no more. We are here to help explain how our product works and the “what” and “how” behind negative ions and how AirTamer helps purify the air around you.

How AirTamer Work With negative ions

AirTamer personal air purifiers work by emitting negative ions from the little black brush that you see at the top of the unit. Over 2 million negative ions are emitted from the device every second. These negative ions attach themselves to air particles like viruses, allergens, and pollution in the air, and negatively charge those particles. This helps remove these air pollutants from the air around you and allows you to breathe easier.

What are Negative Ions?

Simply put – Molecules floating in the air or atmosphere become charged with electricity and form negative ions. They exist all around our environment and atmosphere and can be found in the UV rays. Emitted by the sun, discharge of electricity, and are produced as part of the growth process for many plants.

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Negative Ions Have Positive Effects

Have you found yourself on a hike or swimming in the ocean, and felt a sudden shift in your mood? A feeling of happiness? It might be more than the beautiful scenery – it might be negative ions! Many researchers of “negative ionization” have posited that being exposed to negative ions can have positive effects to our mood and well-being.

Biochemical reactions are believed to be produced once negative ions reach our bloodstream. That increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy.

AirTamer Work With negative ions

In addition to the potential health benefits, negative ion generators complement air purifiers effectively by enhancing their filtering efficiency. Negative ions, abundant in the great outdoors, are relatively scarce indoors. This scarcity necessitates the use of negative ion generators to boost the active removal of pollutants and allergens, making indoor air quality even better.

Do Negative ion Air Purifiers Work

Negative ion generators or “ionizers” can help reduce pollution particles that are up to 5 feet off the ground by as much as 97 percent. In 2018, the prestigious Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science in Japan tested AirTamer with an Escherichia Coli virus. AirTamer successfully reduced 99% of the virus from the test chamber within 20 minutes,

AirTamer’s Contribution to Clean Indoor Air

As previously mentioned, AirTamer generates over 2 million negative ions every second. Furthermore, it can effectively assist in maintaining clean air around you, particularly when indoors. How? Negative ions attract particles in the air, causing them to sink as the ions weigh them down.

The reduction in air pollutants, germs, and viruses can be tremendously beneficial. As in-person learning makes a full comeback and many of us return to the office on a full-time basis, we firmly believe that AirTamer serves as an ideal solution. This is particularly true for students, teachers, or anyone else frequently spending time in close proximity to groups of people. The positive effects of the AirTamer necklace air purifier make it a valuable companion in such scenarios.

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