Breathe Pure, Healthy Air with AirTamer A302 Air Purifier

AirTamer has cutting-edge power boost technology which can clean the air around us better than any other competitive device. It emits healthy negative ions that force airborne pollutants such as viruses, bacteria and dust away from our personal space and provides us with cleaner, healthier air to breathe in.

AirTamer’s design is ultra compact and incredibly versatile.

Salient features of AirTamer A302 AirPurifier

The A302 cleans 875% more air pollutants than other competitor and is highly energy efficient with a monstrous battery backup. With no filters to clean or replace, the AirTamer’s A302 design is compact and versatile.

The air around us today is filled with a variety of contaminants including dust, smoke, pollen, smog, bacteria, viruses that can make us sick. This especially is a great risk for frequent flyers and travelers. Out of these contaminants, 97% are even smaller than 0.3 microns. These smaller particles pose the biggest risk to our health as they can reach our lungs more easily. To sustain in such an environment, we need a high performance travel air purifier and A302 is the best companion for fresh air on the go!

AirTamer A302 AirPurifier works on a neat and clean principle while it creates a 3 foot / 1 m zone of clean air around your head by using healthy negative ions to push the air contaminants away from your breathing space. AirTamer can reduce smoke particles by 98.9% in just 5 minutes.

The idea behind AirTamer is very simple. It generates over 2 million negative ions that are emitted every second from AirTamer’s black brush. These negative ions attach themselves to contaminants in the air and apply a negative charge. The negatively charged contaminants are then naturally attracted to positively charged surfaces around you rather than continuing their way towards your breathing passage where you run the risk of breathing them in and falling sick.

Air Tamer A302 AirPurifier

Health Benefits of Negative Ions

In simple words, AirTamer reduces the probability of the risk of inhaling these contaminants and becoming sick. Negative ions are known to have positive health effects.

Negative ions are found in abundance near healthy locations like the oceans, waterfalls and other natural environments. Studies have proven that negative ions can remove bacteria from air and improve mental functioning.

AirTamer is driven by 2 Lithium coin cell batteries included with the pack which is sufficient to provide enough power for 7 days of continuous use, 24 hours per day. A blinking light on the back of AirTamer indicates that it is emitting negative ions.

AirTamer hangs from your neck with a conductive lanyard that maximizes negative ion flow and energy efficiency. You can clip it to your pocket or place it on a table for fresh air.

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