Types of Asthma: Exercise-Induced and Occupational Asthma

Asthma is a chronic condition that many people suffer from. Currently, there is no known cure but there are many ways to help control asthma.

Exercise Induced and Occupational

While these facts are relatively well known, did you know there are several different types of asthma?

FilterStream is committed to helping all of our readers understand the different types of asthma and how to help control the symptoms related to each. Exercise induced and occupational are types of asthma that are situational. So what does that mean; keep reading to find out.

Exercise Induced Asthma Cure

Exercise induced asthma is a type of asthma that is experienced during strenuous exercise. The more formal term for exercised induced asthma is exercise induced broncho-constriction. This term is preferred because the exercise induces a narrowing of the airways but is not the root cause of asthma.Exercise Induced Asthma

Symptoms of this form of asthma can occur during or after your workout. Symptoms are similar to other types of asthma but can also include fatigue during exercise, poorer than expected performance, and avoidance of physical activity in young children.

If symptoms remain untreated they can last for 30 minutes or more. Exercise induced broncho-constriction is caused by breathing deeper and faster due to oxygen demand as well as breathing through your mouth which causes the air to be dryer and colder.

Treatment with traditional medication and preventable measures will enable people who suffer from this type of asthma to remain active.

What is Occupational Asthma

Occupational asthma is a type of asthma that is caused by allergens in the work environment. It is caused by inhaling fumes, gasses, dust or other harmful substances. Workers in the petroleum and chemical industry can suffer from symptoms immediately after exposure and those that already have asthma may experience symptoms during exposure.

Other types of occupational asthma may not present symptoms until months or years after exposure. These patients are more likely to have occupational asthma due to the development of allergies from products used. An example of this is bakers becoming allergic to the flours and enzymes they are exposed to. When treated early on occupational asthma may be reversible.

Exercise induced and occupational asthma are similar to the other types of asthma. If you suffer from any type of asthma be sure to avoid all of your triggers. For patients that suffer from occupational asthma be sure to work with your employer to make sure you are not exposed to your triggers.

If it is impossible to avoid exposure use a personal air purifier like the AirTamer A310 There is no known cure for asthma but when you combine the prevention of asthma episodes and take your medications as prescribed, you can live an active life.

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