Cold Weather Breathing Issues – Weather and Your Lungs

Winter Is Here: How Cold Weather Affects Our Bodies

In recent weeks, much of the U.S. has faced extreme weather in the form of record-breaking low temperatures, catastrophic blizzard conditions, and flooding. Even in states like Texas, temperatures have dropped to low single digits. So how do these frigid temperatures and windy days affect our bodies and overall health, and what can we do to protect ourselves?

Cold Weather Issues

First, it is important to note that cold weather can put increased stress on our bodies, particularly our cardiovascular system – when we go out in low temperatures, the blood vessels in our bodies constrict and we experience shallow breathing.

These changes can cause strain on our bodies, and even cause chest pain in people who suffer from heart diseases. Combat the cold by wearing warm, water-resistant clothing. It’s important to not only wear the correct attire but also be mindful of covering up extremities such as our hands and head.

Cold Weather Affects Our Bodies

Those living in dry or windy climates may also experience the worsening of existing conditions such as eczema. Even those without eczema may experience increased redness and dryness of the skin due to windburn. That is why it is so important to stay hydrated during the winter months and drink plenty of water.

Cold Weather Issues

COPD and Asthma

Unfortunately, cold weather can also cause problems for those of us who suffer from breathing conditions such as COPD and asthma. Cold and dry air causes contractions in the airways and passages of the lungs which can make breathing particularly difficult. While it is best to stay inside, it’s also important to make sure everything inside is well-insulated!

For many people, recent weather has caused enormous problems and many have discovered issues with their homes that make keeping heat inside more difficult. If you’ve recently noticed a draft in the house due to windows or doorways not being properly insulated, then it may be time to contact professionals and get assistance before another cold snap.

Cold Weather Breathing Issues

We all know that colds and flu seem to be everywhere during the winter months, but why does this happen? It is a common misconception that the cold weather causes us to get sick – we get sick due to airborne viruses and germs. However, in a study published in 2007, researchers found that the reason the flu virus spreads so easily during winter is that the virus becomes more stable and can therefore stay in the air for longer when conditions are cold and dry.

A paper from the 1960s showed that at 43°F with low humidity, most of the flu virus was able to survive for more than 23 hours!

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