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Indoor Air Pollutants – These Common Items are Causing Damage

When it comes to pollution, most of us probably associate the word with things such as smog, trafficked roads, and the “dirty air” that exists outdoors. We would likely not think about the air contained within our homes, businesses, or classrooms. Unfortunately, the air found inside our homes can be equally as susceptible to pollution […]

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Air Pollution, Lung Cancer, and Air Tamer

While we are now well aware of the issues that viruses have on our health, it is also important to continue to address the harmful effects of air pollution and declining air quality around the world. What exactly is it and why is it harmful to us? Simply put, air pollution is the contamination of […]

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How Does AirTamer Work? With negative ions, of course!

Have you ever wondered how AirTamer products work? Well, wonder no more. We are here to help explain how our product works and the “what” and “how” behind negative ions and how AirTamer helps purify the air around you. AirTamer personal air purifiers work by emitting negative ions from the little black brush that you […]


How To Stay Healthy On Your Next Trip Navigating Travel in 2022

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the last thing you need to know How To Stay Healthy while you’re away from home, especially if you’re traveling by air. Airplanes are the nearly perfect environment for getting sick, and a University of Alabama study found that some germs can stay up to seven days on […]