Air Pollution, Lung Cancer, and Air Tamer: A Comprehensive Overview

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  1. The Ongoing Challenge of Air Pollution
  2. Air Pollution Health Issues
  3. Lung Cancer Caused by Air Pollution
  4. What Can You Do To Minimize Air Pollution Around You?
  5. How can you Minimize the Impact of Air Pollution?
  6. Best Wearable Air Purifier

While we are now well aware of the issues that viruses have on our health, it is also important to continue to address the harmful effects of air pollution and declining air quality around the world. What exactly is it and why is it harmful to us?

How To Stay Helthy in air pollution

Air Pollution Health Issues

Simply put, air pollution is the contamination of our environment through chemicals as well as physical. Biological agents that modify the natural state of the atmosphere and air around us. For decades, researchers have shown that air pollution can cause and worsen a variety of health issues such as asthma, allergies, and more.

While the medical community has long since known that air pollution and chemicals are major contributors to cancer, they have been unclear on how the disease is caused by these environmental factors.

how air pollution is causing cancer

Lung Cancer Caused by Air Pollution

In September of 2022, researchers published a study where they identified the how. In the study, which included nearly half a million people living in various countries such as England and South Korea, the researchers identified how air pollution is causing cancer and found that pollutants are becoming the leading cause of lung cancer, overtaking cigarettes and smoking.

The new findings determined that exposure to increasing concentrations of airborne particulate matter (PM) 2.5 micrometers (?m) in diameter was linked to an increased risk of NSCLC with EGFR mutations.

In the laboratory studies, those same pollutant particles (PM2.5) promoted rapid changes in airway cells which had mutations in EGFR and in another gene linked to lung cancer called KRAS, driving them towards a cancer stem cell-like state.

impactful sources of air pollution

What Can You Do To Minimize Air Pollution Around You?

There are many small, but impactful sources of air pollution that can be found in our immediate environments such as throughout our homes and places of employment. Things like vehicles, construction, and bonfires are all sources of air pollution that have a significant impact on the level of air quality around us.

So What can you do to Minimize This? Some Everyday Best Practices Include:

  • Conserving energy – look for the ENERGY STAR label when buying appliances or equipment for your home or office.
  • Use environmentally-friendly commuting options whenever possible. Use public transportation, carpools, or non-motorized methods of transportation such as biking.
  • Choose paints and cleaning products that are considered environmentally safe.
  • Mulch or compost your yard waste instead of burning it.

How can you Minimize the Impact of Air Pollution?

Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that almost all of the global population (99%) breathe air that exceeds their guideline limits and contains high levels of pollutants. So how can you reduce your risk and minimize the impact of air pollution and poor air quality?

  • Stay up to date on air quality conditions in your area. Be sure to stay inside if the AQI is high.
  • For rooms, use HEPA air filters designed to reduce harmful particulate matter.
  • Limit time spent near busy and highly trafficked roads.
  • Consider the use of a personal air purifying device such as AirTamer.

Minimize The Impact Of bad air

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