“Filterstream AirTamer AirTamer is a miracle! We purchased a home 5 years ago that we have now learned has many environmental issues. Through multiple tests, and a couple of years of severe respiratory and allergic effects, we discovered we have a serious mold problem and have off-gasing from multiple improperly used building materials. We had many quotes to repair what was causing the issues, but none were financially possible. My husband purchased 3 different air purifiers from Home Depot and Lowes, none of them worked. Finally, we found the the AirTamer by FilterStream. Within the first day our family felt a huge relief! Our respiratory and allergic responses diminished....and my husband stopped snoring! This air purifier has been a godsend! I even notice the difference in my dog's health. Animals and children are always the first to be effected by environmental issues and the improvements we have seen are incredible. Thank you developing such a groundbreaking product Filterstream!”
- The Verardi family, Beverly, MA