Frequently Asked Questions

AirTamer® A310

  • How does the AirTamer work?
  • How can I tell if my AirTamer® is working?
  • Can AirTamer® purify cigarette smoke from the air?
  • How long will the AirTamer® last with fully charged batteries?
  • Does the AirTamer® make noise?

AirTamer® A302

  • Will my Travel AirTamer interfere with electronic equipment (e.g. computers, cell phones)?
  • Can I leave the Travel AirTamer on continuously?
  • Does the Travel AirTamer produce dangerous levels of ozone?
  • What are negative ions? Are they good for you?
  • What is the Travel AirTamer's® effective range?
  • How does the Travel AirTamer work?

DirtTamer® V2510/V2400

  • What types of accessories are included with DirtTamer® vacuums and are optional accessories available?
  • What type of batteries does the DirtTamer® line use and how long can they run on one charge?
  • How much liquid can the DirtTamer® vacuum bowl hold?
  • Are foam and HEPA filters waterproof?
  • What is the lifespan of a HEPA filter?
  • What is HEPA?
  • What is the DirtTamer's® 3-stage filtration?

AirTamer® A600/A700/A710

  • Will my AirTamer interfere with home or office equipment (e.g. computers)?
  • Can I leave my AirTamer on continuously?
  • Can my AirTamer really work with a furnace fan filter?
  • How often do I need to replace the AIR FILTER?